Ricol Lasteyrie has real know-how in economic and financial analysis, enabling it to provide strategic guidance on many topics:

  • Performing strategic and financial diagnosis
  • Analysing strategic options
  • Reviewing financial performance
  • Challenging business plans
  • Analysing the financial impacts of contracts

Ricol Lasteyrie assists non performing companies in difficulty to secure the sustainability of their business. Ricol Lasteyrie advises their shareholders in order to achieve a diagnosis, build a solid and realistic restructuring plan, and negotiate with creditors and/or find new financings or investors when assets are sold or additional equity is required.

Ricol Lasteyrie also helps creditors protect their interests in order to devise the best strategy or suggest alternatives.

Ricol Lasteyrie supports investors who wish to buy a non performing company in determining a strategy, valuing the company and negotiating with the management, shareholders, creditors and receivers.

Its credibility promotes a climate of trust in the most difficult of situations.

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