Expertise at the heart of business

Ricol Lasteyrie is an independent analysis, appraisal and consulting firm that helps top executives, companies and investors navigate their strategic, economic, financial and operational challenges

For more than thirty years, Ricol Lasteyrie has been a leading provider of independent opinion on sensitive issues

Whatever the nature of the operation you are embarking on, Ricol Lasteyrie’s expertise and processes offer unparalleled reliability

Ricol Lasteyrie advises investors, governing bodies and management teams on their strategic options

Ricol Lasteyrie operates as a consultant, independent expert, arbitrator, mediator or court expert

Ricol Lasteyrie advises companies and top executives facing a deterioration of their environment or external attacks

Ricol Lasteyrie performs compliance reviews and helps top executives and board members anticipate risks

Expertise at the heart of business

Boasting experienced partners with complementary fields of expertise, Ricol Lasteyrie is renowned for its undeniable know-how, based on the principles of integrity, independence, high standards and confidentiality


True to its commitments and values, Ricol Lasteyrie strives to work with integrity to provide objective and independent advice and opinions. This integrity requires not only determination, but also procedures guaranteeing that no one partner alone can pronounce an opinion on behalf of the firm. For this reason, partner committee meetings are held every step of the way.

High standards

Education, competence, experience, commitment, professional rigour and teamwork of all its employees enable Ricol Lasteyrie to meet its clients’ expectations. These high standards together with very strict procedures for accepting missions and issuing opinions or advice, explain the recognised quality of its work.


Respect for absolute professional secrecy enables Ricol Lasteyrie to build strong, trusting, transparent relationships with its clients and to support them in the long term while avoiding any conflict of interest. 

When to call us

Risk anticipation and compliance
Business valuation
Transfer of assets
Financial strategy of your group
Financial structuring of an acquisition 
Valuation of assets and liabilities in accordance with IFRS or US GAAP standards
Speculative attacks against your group 
Compensation for losses
Financing and negotiation in times of crisis


Stratégie financière - Gestion de crise
Stratégie financière - Gestion de crise
Évaluation financière - Opinion indépendante - Fiscalité - Stratégie financière
Financial strategy / Restructuring
Shares and mergers auditing / Court expertise
Advice to parties / Valuation / Shares auditing
Financial strategy / Crisis management
Financial strategy / Crisis management
Valuation / Independent opinion / Taxation / Financial strategy
Valuation / Restructuring


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