The history of Ricol Lasteyrie is a peculiar adventure in the environment of financial consulting.

The brand was built thanks to the rock-solid entente of the three men who founded it, the synergy of their expertise and the sharing of values always advocated and upheld. The three founders have in parallel always formed a team of partners and collaborators who share their expertise and the values that constitute what the firm is today.

In the eighties, practicing at first chartered accountancy and statutory audit for major companies, Ricol Lasteyrie takes a turn at the beginning of the nineties towards consulting and independent valuation. For 35 years, Ricol Lasteyrie has worked on the vast majority of structuring operations undertaken by the CAC 40 companies as counsel or independent expert, always bearing in mind to maintain within the firm an infallible impartiality and a strict confidentiality. These features have always been ensured by three rules. First, the assurance never to generate a conflict of interests. Secondly, never to work on two competing files at the same time, and thirdly, every expression of opinion has to be cross-examined by an attesting committee of partners. Integrity and professional secrecy are the key words that govern this mode of operation.

Since the 2010's, Ricol Lasteyrie has expanded its field of expertise to extra-financial missions, like the companies' environmental, social and governance responsibilities, or their carbon footprint, which are crucial issues for the future. Furthermore, the appointment of Pierre Deheunynck as CEO in November 2022 opens for the first time in its history the firm's governance to someone other than the three founding partners, thus preparing its sustainability.

The firm's motto, that makes the Ricol Lasteyrie brand, is to maintain an indisputable impartiality, an absolute confidentiality and a total independence.