René Ricol resigns from Lagardère's board. He's replaced by Yannick Bolloré.

Gilles de Courcel is appointed Treasurer of the Fédération des centres d'arbitrage (Arbitration Centers Federation).

Armelle Deydier is appointed legal expert by the Paris Court of Appeal.

Armelle Deydier is elected member of the steering committee of APEI, the Independent Experts Professional Association, recognised by the AMF, the Financial Markets Authority, and appointed vice-president of IEAM, the Expertise, Arbitration and Conciliation Institute.

Release of the white book entitled Pioneering Companies, creating value through employment and competence, written by Pierre Deheunynck, as President of France Compétences, Daniel Baroin, President of the Observatoire de l'engagement (Observatory of engagement) in collaboration with ESCP Business School, including Frank Bournois, its Chief Executive. This white book sets the aim to lead an in-depth reflection on the models of employment management by companies, and how these models can create value and resilience factors, coming out of the COVID and financial crises.

Pierre Deheunynck is appointed CEO of Ricol Lasteyrie

René Ricol submitted to the Prime Minister the report he was asked to write in order to find a solution to the tensions between the AGS (Association pour la gestion du régime de Garantie des créances des Salariés) on the one hand, and the administrators and court-appointed agents on the other.

René Ricol spoke at the Restructuring & Transformation Summit organised by the Association des Investisseurs en Retournement and the Leaders League, publisher of Décideurs magazine. Alongside Louis Margueritte, Minister Delegate in charge of SMEs, Paul-Louis Netter, Presiding Judge of the Paris Commercial Court, Numa Rengo, partner of the Franklin law firm and Olivier Piquet, CEO of Lise Charmel, he debated on the theme of "Europe, the State and companies: the recipe for recovery".

Pierre Deheunynck was appointed Chairman of the Board of Directors of France Compétences by decree of the President of the Republic.

René Ricol signed the preface of the Treatise on Socio-Economic Management. Under the direction of Henri Savall and Véronique Zardet, this treatise was written by 193 authors from 16 countries and 4 continents. It is the reference work on the theory of Socio-Economic Management, which makes humanism in professional life compatible with sustainable economic prosperity. It compiles 50 years of research and numerical experiments in economics and management, among more than 2000 companies in various sectors.

René Ricol, former Commissioner General for Investments, joined the selection committee to find the General Secretary for Investment who will steer the €34 billion France 2030 plan launched by Emmanuel Macron, as well as the €20 billion 4th Investment Programme for the Future (PIA4).

Armelle Deydier published in the January 2022 issue of the Revue Fiduciaire Comptable a dossier entitled Revaluation of assets: Accounting and tax issues, produced with the collaboration of Mallory Labarrière and Anne-Lise Chagneau, partners, Nexa Avocats.

Bruno Bonnell was appointed General Secretary for Investment by the Government, following the research work carried out by the selection committee of which René Ricol was a member.

René Ricol joined the Board of Directors of the Lagardère Group.