02 November 2021

René Ricol signed the preface of the Treatise on Socio-Economic Management. Under the direction of Henri Savall and Véronique Zardet, this treatise was written by 193 authors from 16 countries and 4 continents. It is the reference work on the theory of Socio-Economic Management, which makes humanism in professional life compatible with sustainable economic prosperity. It compiles 50 years of research and numerical experiments in economics and management, among more than 2000 companies in various sectors.


In his preface, René Ricol, a former student of Henri Savall's in accounting, insists on the need to observe strict transparency within the company, to add a variable part to the fixed salary, a profit-sharing scheme in the private sector and a performance-sharing scheme in the public sector, which are the guarantees of a new social pact, which can be translated into the notion of intrapreneurship, i.e. the ability to act at the heart of the company. He insists that the book demonstrates the "proof of concept", and that his theory is not just wishful thinking or a pious hope. Finally, he stresses that humanity must be the cornerstone of management, since it guarantees not only the development of the men and women who make up the company, but also its economic and financial prosperity.