30 November 2021

René Ricol, former Commissioner General for Investments, joined the selection committee to find the General Secretary for Investment who will steer the €34 billion France 2030 plan launched by Emmanuel Macron, as well as the €20 billion 4th Investment Programme for the Future (PIA4).

Chaired by Claire Landais, General Secretary of the Government, it is also composed of Patricia Barbizet, who was involved in the PIAs created under Nicolas Sarkozy, Emmanuel Chiva, Director of the Defence Innovation Agency, and Xavier Lazarus, partner of the Elaia fund.

The aim of this committee is to propose to the Prime Minister a man or woman who is competent in technology, since this plan aims to invest in the leading sectors of French industry and research, but who is also capable of working in the corridors of power. As the former head of the General Investment Commission under Nicolas Sarkozy, René Ricol was responsible between 2010 and 2012 for the reflection and arbitration on the investments allocated to the spearheads of French innovation, the guarantors of France's development and future.