January 2022

Armelle Deydier published in the January 2022 issue of the Revue Fiduciaire Comptable a dossier entitled Revaluation of assets: Accounting and tax issues, produced with the collaboration of Mallory Labarrière and Anne-Lise Chagneau, partners, Nexa Avocats.


This dossier analyses the accounting and tax consequences of the new free revaluation system introduced by the Finance Act for 2021, for both parent company and consolidated accounts, with a focus on the problems of revaluing company shares held. The article is structured as follows:


1 - Application of the free revaluation

2 - Accounting consequences of revaluation in company accounts 

3 - Tax consequences of revaluation in company accounts 

4 - Free revaluation in groups of companies: impacts on consolidated accounts and tax consolidation 

5 - Definition and approach to determining current value 

6 - Revaluation of real estate assets 

7 - The revaluation of company shares held against the valuation rules accepted by the tax authorities 


The complete file can be viewed here for subscribers.